NB. This is very much a work in progress, so if you have any comments / feedback about the list, do let me know (you can DM me on Twitter @priv_lib)

Privacy tools

1Password Password manager
AdAway Ad blocker
Adblock Plus Ad blocker
Adblocker Ad blocker
Adium Encryption (For chat)
Bitmask VPN
Bleachbit Cleaner
Blur Keeps passwords, payments and privacy secure
Ccleaner Cleaner
Certbot Enables https on website
Certbot HTTPS
Checkshorturl Checks shortened URLs to see where they are really going
Cleanslate Cleaner
Cookie Cadger Analyse data traffic (sniffen)
Crumble Block third party cookies
Cryptocat Encryption (For chat)
Datapp Analyse data traffic (sniffen)
Deepfreeze Cleaner
Digital Security Helpline Email
Disconnect Search Browser addon
Duckduckgo Search engine
Enigmal Email
Firesheep Browser addon
Forget That Page Chrome Extension
Ghostery Ad blocker
Google analytics opt-out Browser addon
Google Dashboard
Google Web Search History
HTTPS everywhere Encryption
Hushmail Email
IP location
Ixquick (aka Startpage?) Search engine
KeepassX Password manager
Let’s encrypt Encryption
Lightbeam Analyse data traffic (sniffen)
Ninja Proxy
Oscobo Search engine
Panopticlick Browser addon
Peekier Search engine
Pidgin Encryption (For chat)
Piwick Analytics alternative to Google Analytics
Pretty Good Privacy Email
Privacy badger Browser addon
Privacy Grade
Private internet access VPN
Proton  Mail Encryption (for email)
Qwant Search engine
Safari Browser
Search Incognito Search engine
Signal private messenger
SMAC MAC address spoofing
Startpage (aka Ixquick?) Search engine
tcpdump Analyse data traffic (sniffen)
Tor Browser
Tracking observer Web tracking detection platform
Trackmenot Browser addon
Tutanota Encrypted email
uBlock Origin Block third party cookies
Vaultlet Email
Web of Trust
wireshark Analyse data traffic (sniffen)
Webbkoll Check how good on Data protection your website is

Privacy websites
Act Now Training
American Civil Liberties Union
Bits of Freedom
Book Industry Communication
Brussels Privacy Hub
Campaign for Reader Privacy
Campaign for Reader Privacy
Choose privacy week
Common Thread Network
Cryptoparty Newcastle Forum
Data Privacy Project
Data security incident trends ICO
Digital Unite
Digitale Gesellschaft
Don’t spy on us
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center
European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance – Associated Whitleblowing Press
Frontline Defenders
Global Compliance Resource Center
Go to Hellman
How privacy friendly is your site?
HTTPS grading of UK public libraries
Identity Theft Resource Center
Information Privacy Law
International Association of Privacy Professionals
International Association of Privacy Professionals resources
La Quadrature du Net and Access
Let’s encrypt
Libraries guide to patron privacy 
Library app security
Library Freedom Project
Manila principles on intermediary liability
Mobile app security
Nymity GDPR toolkit
OnGuard Online : tipsto help you stay safe and secure online
Open Rights Group
Panopticon blog
Panoptykon Foundation
Pep Foundation
PersonalData.IO, a service that helps trailblaze then automate such requests
Philosophy of Information (Luciano Floridi)
Principles for technology rights and opportunity
Privacy camp
Privacy in libraries in the digital age
Privacy International 
Privacy law scholars
Privacy News headlines
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Privacy SOS
Privacy Tools
Privacy Training Center
Privacy, Compliance & Data Security Association
Ranking digital rights
Right to Information – good law and practice
Stay safe online 
Surveillance self defense
Tactical Technology Collective
Teaching Privacy Project
Terms of service didn’t read project
The Center for Investigative Journalism
The Julia Group
Tor Project
TRUSTe privacy programs (and their dispute resolution program)
Usable Privacy Policy research project
Your Choices Online