Privacy scenarios in libraries

Here are a few examples of privacy scenarios relating to libraries:

Overdrive and Amazon did a tie-in which required synchronisation of the two accounts (2011)

Receipts from self service machines. Years ago retailers realized that they were putting too much information onto till receipts, notably the full credit or debit card number. Given the threat of identify fraud, they stopped displaying complete card numbers, and instead only showed some of the numbers while using asterisks to mask some of the digits. With the prevalence of self-issue machines, libraries need to think carefully about the information that is printed out on transaction receipts.

Record of what articles a user has downloaded within a library discovery service

“Toronto Public Library reveals its website searches in real time IN Toronto Metro, 21 July 2016 ….provides a window into the range of interests and needs people bring to the library. Using Google Analytics, they pull search topics into one place where the information is shown in real time.

16 of the top 20 research journals let ad networks spy on their users

Internet sign up logs (destroy regularly)

Library asks a parent to reimburse them for a book that their child has lost, but is not prepared to divulge the title of the book for privacy reasons

Library brings in commercial interests (BT, Barclays Digital Eagles, Google Digital Garage) to provide digital literacy training

Posting overdue notices in the mail using postcards showing names and titles

Snooping devices (keystroke loggers) were found in Cheshire library computers

User sets up a number of saved searches on an online database

Library website uses Google Analytics

This is a selection from the 100+ that I have been building up. If you have others, do let me know.