“Ontological friction” : Glossary of terms

“Informational friction” – the forces that oppose the flow of information with a region of the infosphere. It is connected with the amount of effort required for some agent to obtain, filter, or block information about other agents in a given environment, by decreasing, shaping or increasing informational friction (Floridi 2014)

“Infosphere” – We are moving from living in the biosphere to the infosphere. Information is our environment. The infosphere is a newly-created digital space built by new technology (Floridi 2014). It should not be confused with cyberspace, because it encompasses online as well as offline and analogue domains.

“Inforgs” – We are not becoming sci-fi cyborgs but re-appropriating ourselves as connected, informational organisms, inforgs (Floridi 2014)

“Re-ontologizing” – a neologism that Floridi uses to refer to a radical form of re-engineering which not only designs, constructs or structures a system, but which also fundamentally transforms it intrinsic nature, its ontology or its essence (Floridi, Cambridge Books Online Course Book EBA 2010)



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