Privacy as a core value of librarians

Having done a quick analysis of my literature review, I recently posted a tweet listing the authors who appeared four or more times. That posting was viewed many times, and several of the authors on the list either responded directly to me or retweeted the list.
In the case of @D_McMenemy, ( and, David quite rightly pointed out that Michael Gorman wasn’t on the list. In fact, I had already got several of Gorman’s works in the literature review, but not enough to trigger him appearing in my tweet (ie. less than the four or more occurences  for all of the authors who I had listed).
I am really glad that I put up the list, because only by doing so did I get the useful feedback that I did. So I would like to say thankyou especially to David, because it has made me realise that I need to spend more time thinking about privacy from an ethical perspective, not just from the perspective of law, technology, information security etc etc.
In 2000 Michael Gorman published a book “Our enduring values”, in which he lists the values that characterise and shape the work of librarians:
Gorman’s eight core values

1.       Stewardship

2.       Service

3.       Intellectual freedom

4.       Rationalism

5.       Literacy & Learning

6.       Equity of access

7.       Privacy

        a.       ensuring the confidentiality of records of library use

        b.       overcoming technological invasions of library use

8.       Democracy

Thinking of the point “overcoming technological invasions of library use”, that seems to get harder and harder for every day that passes. As Gorman says “Even in many democratic countries, the twin threats of an empowered surveillance state and a big technology assault on privacy make the defense of intellectual freedom harder than it was in previous generations” (from Our enduring values revisited, 2015).
Given that I only started my PhD studies formally on 1st February, I feel very fortunate to know right from the outset that I need to make absolutely sure that for the literature review I search for material on privacy that comes at the topic from the ethical perspective.
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Gorman, Michael. Our enduring values revisited: librarianship in an ever-changing world. 2015. ALA Editions