International dimension : Literature review on library privacy

On 1st February 2017 I officially started my PhD studies, researching the topic of library privacy.  Prior to this I have spent almost two years searching for relevant literature.

This week I have started to look through the material that I have already gathered, trying to get a sense of how that breaks down, both by item type and also by the country of the author (or the country focus of the content).

Having looked through roughly half of the resources identified, it is quite striking that 92% of these are either from the United States of America (68%) or the United Kingdom (24%). The remainder consists of items by authors in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, and Sweden. Indeed, perhaps one of the most useful non-US/UK items was a checklist on the protection of privacy in the library environment produced by @peterkz_swe which I spotted a mention of on Twitter.

I am interested to get a better understanding of how important library privacy issues are across the world, and am therefore very keen to seek out relevant material that isn’t from the UK or the USA.

  • Are there cultural differences by country
  • Do librarians outside the UK and US face different challenges
  • Do librarians from other countries have different attitudes towards privacy

Looking through the visitors to this website/blog, they come from a very wide range of countries including Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Denmark, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, Philippines, Uruguay, Turkey, Belgium, Latvia, Ecuador, Brazil, Hong Kong etc.

I would be very keen to make contact with library & information professionals outside of the UK and USA who are interested in how privacy issues impact upon their work, in order for me to be able to get an international perspective on the topic of library privacy.