List of items about #algorithms

In the past few weeks I have become increasingly interested in algorithms, and the issues around them.

I have put together a list of articles and books about algorithms, or which are relevant to the topic. It is noticeable just how many raise ethical issues; or questions around transparency.

What if decisions that directly affect your life are reached by machines, are based on algorithms, and where they rely on data that you don’t even get to see. What if the data about you on which the decisions are based, is incorrect or incomplete. What if – heaven forbid – your data has been changed without your knowledge –

Anyway, here’s a quick list of things I have seen recently (I have put the list together quite quickly, but have included links to each of the items listed, as the citations may be incomplete):


Algorithms: the villains and heroes of the “post-truth” era IN OpenDemocracy, 6th January 2017

Investigating the algorithms that govern our lives IN Columbia Journalism Review

Algorithms: AI’s creepy control must be open to inspection by Luke Dormehl IN The Guardian January 1st 2017

Algorithms transparency and accountability in the digital economy event at the European Parliament, November 8th 2016 Ansgar Koene

EU citizens might get a “right to explanation” about the decisions algorithms make by Ethan Chiel IN Fusion

The computer algorithms that rule our lives (RNZ podcast) 23 February 2015 Seeta Gangadharan

Here’s how we can protect ourselves from the hidden algorithms that influence our lives by Alan Reid December 20th 2016

Should there be a better accounting of the algorithms that choose our news for us?

Google responds on skewed Holocaust search results by Chris Baraniuk December 20th 2016 BBC News Online

Labour calls for closer scrutiny of tech firms and their algorithms December 18th 2016

Google is not “just” a platform. It frames, shapes and distorts how we see the world by Carole Cadwalladr December 11th 2016

How do you throw the book at an algorithm? By John Naughton December 4th 2016

The ethics of algorithms: mapping the debate Brent Mittelstadt et all IN Data & Society July – December 2016

How to hold algorithms accountable by Nicholas Diakopoulos and Sorelle Friedler November 17th 2016

Algorithms for bundling and pricing trucking services : deterministic and stochastic approaches by Rodrigo Mesa Arango April 2015

Eli Pariser : The filter bubble AND his TED talk

Cathy O’Neill Weapons of math destruction