7 #videos relevant to #librarians & #infopros interested in #privacy issues

I am building up references to materials about, or relevant to, privacy in libraries. Amongst these are a number of videos on the topic, such as from webinars, conferences, or talks; but others consist of individuals giving their views on an aspect of privacy, or documentaries on aspects of privacy and how it is being eroded.

Here I have picked out seven videos. They vary in length and format.

If you have other items that you would add to the list, by all means do let me know.

  1. The changing landscape of library privacy Techsoup 2016 http://www.techsoup.org/community/events-webinars/changing-landscape-of-library-privacy-2016-06-15
  2. Libraries got screwed by Amazon and Overdrive Sarah Houghton 2011 http://librarianinblack.net/librarianinblack/wegotscrewed/
  3. Digital books and privacy Joel Correa 2014 http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Digital+books+and+privacy+Joel+Correa+2014&&view=detail&mid=FC78F6CC131B88876495FC78F6CC131B88876495&FORM=VRDGAR
  4. Terms and conditions may apply Cullen Holback 2013 https://www.amazon.com/Terms-Conditions-Apply-Orson-Scott/dp/B00EY8NR6I
  5. Snooping devices found in Cheshire library computers BBC News Online 2011 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-12406239
  6. Privacy in the surveillance age: how librarians can fight back Alison Macrina et al 2015 https://vimeo.com/148410758
  7. Library 2.016 privacy in the digital age 2016 http://www.library20.com/privacy